Cellist. Singer. Teacher.



Lucy is a UK-based cellist and singer with 15+ years’ experience, available for studio sessions, remote sessions from her home studio, live shows and touring. Having completed a Masters degree in Music Performance, Lucy is the current Director of Sheffield Music School.

Lucy enjoys working with artists to either play or sing the parts they have written or recorded, helping the artist to realise their ideas, improvising parts on the day or writing the parts for the songs in advance. If you aren’t sure exactly what you would like, then Lucy is able to send or play you multiple options which you can pick and choose from.





Zebedee Budworth- 


“Lucy’s playing granted a depth to my pieces I was hitherto unaware of - heartstrings were tugged and emotions soared through the skies. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a professional cellist, and am looking forward to working with her again.”

Sam Jones- 

Film and Television Composer

“I always find myself not only asking Lucy to record for me, but actually writing with her in mind. She has a sensitivity to expression and a natural musicality which enables her to interpret any music that is put in front of her. On top of this her generosity and warmth, combined with her professionalism and sense of humour, make her a joy to work with."

Laura McClure- 

Musician, Tour Manager-

Reverend and the Makers

“Lucy and Morven [violinist] were a dream to work with. It felt so effortless singing with them by my side. Not only were they able to play whatever was required, they also added their own flavour to bring a whole new sound to the table. It’s not easy touring with people as personalities can often clash, but Lucy and Morven fitted in effortlessly and were a pleasure to be with both on and off stage. They also clearly enjoy what they do which is a joy to be around. You couldn’t wish to work with a more talented pair.”

Sam Craggs- 

Producer, Session Musician

"Lucy is always a joy to work with and the first person we think of whenever we require some cello or strings on a project. She brings a great energy to a session and can always be relied upon to perform expressively whilst remaining sensitive to the needs of the music. The tonal range and depth of sound she produces is impressive and the speed and accuracy with which she’s able to work makes our job, as producers, very easy. Her ability to improvise and create on-the-fly, as well as sight reading notation at a professional level, and her understanding of the spectrum of musical genres gives her a unique edge you just don’t get with a lot of classical players and makes her an asset to any session she’s involved in. We can’t wait to have her back in the studio again soon!"

Genevieve Carver- 


"Lucy is an incredibly talented and versatile musician, whose skill as a cellist is matched by her impressive vocal range. We worked with her on a recording project and she was not only able to learn parts quickly and to a high standard, but was also proactive in coming up with vocal harmonies that really brought something new to the piece. She is always friendly, approachable and professional, which makes working with her an absolute pleasure."

Nicholas Cox- 

Composer, Producer

"We can take Lucy’s prowess as a cellist and singer as read - she’ll smash absolutely anything you throw at her, musically speaking. What’s particularly great about working with this bona fide legend-in-the-making is that she’s first rate company, an absolute pleasure to have around on any project.”

Gaz Cobain-

The Amorphous Androgynous / the Future Sound Of London

“Lucy is not only great at the cello whether improvising or to score but she is also a great facilitator and organizer , very dependable and calm under pressure  and pretty much seems to know everyone . Without her I couldn’t have realized my dream of organizing & recording a full strings section . Thanks Lucy !”

Chris Wilkinson-


“Lucy’s instincts as an artist mix seamlessly with her technique and aptitude as a session player. Having worked with her in both regards I am continually in awe of her talent, work-ethic and encouraging spirit. What she brings to every session, both musically and personally is invaluable. She is a gift and an asset to the music community and I would champion her for every possible project.”